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Introduction How are you? We truly thank you for visiting our company. Our company is a Korean manufacturer of high quality desiccant Desi Pak of which materials are supplied by SD-CHEMIE of America, with which we are making effort to solve problem of removing humidity in the package of your product. By using pure natural clay differentiated from Silica-Gel or chemical substance with additives of calcium chloride, our product is evaluated as excellent especially in the products sensitive to humidity such as medical goods, food and semiconductor, metal. What is Desi Pak? It is a special clay material of layer structure excavated only from several mines of U.S. Arizona state, refined, processed at new factory in New Mexico State, which is a strong desiccant having acquired quality management certification ISO4001, ISO4002, environmental management certification ISO14001 and having passed FDA(U.S. Food and Drug Agency) MILD-3464E(U.S. military standard), so it is a worldwide synonym of strong desiccant and now it enjoys good reputation in many countries such as USA, Germany, U.K, France, Asia. Already existing desiccant depended on silica gel, a chemical substance, but it is in tendency to be avoided for export products due to the matter of harmfulness of soil pollution caused by strong acid. In addition, as some products, even if made with natural substances, has weak effect, they are used by adding calcium chloride to supplement its function, so much chlorine contained therein has influence on environmental hormone. Accordingly, we will solve the matter of remaining humidity in the package of your valuable product definitely with Desi Pak made of pure natural ingredient called weak alkali BENTONITE CLAY internationally certified.